Previous events

2017: International workshop

Occult science and intercultural interchange in a royal Seljuk manuscript – MS Paris Persan 174

8 July 2017, University of St Andrews, UK

2017: International workshop

Rum and Hind: relations and shared experiences of conquest, acculturation and Turkish rule in pre-modern India and Anatolia

25-26 May 2017, University of St Andrews, UK

2015: International Conference

Islamisation: Comparative perspectives from History
20-21 March 2015
University of St Andrews, St Andrews, UK

2013: International Workshop

The Reception of Islam in Anatolia and its Neighbours
6-7 September 2013
Koç University Research Center for Anatolian Civilisations, Istanbul

2014: Workshop

Literature and Intellectual Life in Islamic Anatolia in the 14th-15th Centuries:
Historical, Social and Political Perspectives

12-13 September 2014
Istanbul, Orient-Institut Istanbul

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